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Episode 495 – Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (#IFFLA) – Part 2

In this Podcast we continue our coverage of with a look at the Spotlight on South Asia Shorts Program which will play Sunday, May 1, 2022 2:00 PM PDT Regal L.A. LIVE Theater 4.

Visit Indian Film Festival for more information and to buy tickets.

00:04:35: 1978

00:08:18: Bad Omen

00:11:51: Moshari

00:15:10: Baghthan

00:20:11: Sandstorm (Mulaqat)

Episode 495 – Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles 2022 (#IFFLA) – Part 1

In this week’s episode Moviewallas had a lively conversation with the 2022 Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) Co-Directors of Programming: Thouly Dosios and Ritesh Mehta both of whom have been members of this wonderful organization for some time now. Listen as they share what they are most excited about for the upcoming festival and some of their must- see recommendations in addition to a discussion about what a thrilling time this is for Indian cinema as a whole.


The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) brings the most innovative independent films coming out of India and the Indian diaspora to an LA and Southern California audience.

In addition to film screenings, the festival offers stimulating discussions between filmmakers and audiences, as well as panel conversations and industry sessions.

IFFLA was founded in 2002 as a non-profit organization with the aim to offer the Los Angeles community a unique opportunity to learn about India’s multifaceted culture and long history of filmmaking. Since then, IFFLA has grown into the premiere US venue for discovering the best of Indian cinema, as well as a vital hub which fosters an important dialogue among the most original independent storytellers from India and its diaspora, the greater South Asian diasporic community and the international film industry at large.

Marking its 20th anniversary, IFFLA 2022 will take place from April 28 to May 1 at the state-of-the-art Regal L.A. LIVE in the heart of Los Angeles’ vibrant and developing downtown district.

Links to specific movies of interest are in the Podcast Chapters below:

00:26:30: Pedro

00:27:40: Once Upon A Time In Calcutta

00:29:32: Shankar’s Fairies

00:32:22: Jaggi

00:36:03: Spotlight On South Asia

00:36:39: Rehana

00:39:51: Invisible Demons

00:41:23: Kulsubai

00:42:27: The Return

00:43:15: Holy Cowboys

00:46:11: Dug Dug

00:46:45: Paka (River Of Blood)

00:48:32: Last Film Show

00:51:09: Masterclass with Anurag Kashyap

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Episode 459 – IFFLA Over the Years: 17 days celebrating 17 years of Indian cinema (#IFFLA)



Regular listeners of this Podcast will know that we are huge fans of the IFFLA (Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles).  This years ‘fest was canceled due to the pandemic, however, the amazing folks at IFFLA have delivered again and given us the virtual showcase IFFLA Over the Years: 17 days celebrating 17 years of Indian cinema – bringing us some of the best content in the history of the festival.  Better still, most of the content can be seen for free by visiting:

You have until July 5th to catch these movies, so don’t wait around.  There’s something there for everyone.  Get started with a few our personal picks:

00:09:39: Afterglow
00:11:28: Afternoon
00:13:39: Ask The Sexpert
00:18:58: Andhadhun
00:20:30: Outsourced
00:20:38: Bombay Calling
00:24:04: Gangs Of Wasseypur Part 1 / Part 2
00:27:29: Titli
00:28:48: Sita Sings The Blues
00:33:30: Lights For Gita
00:35:29: Gabroo (Youthful)
00:36:46: Ginger
00:37:37: Miss India America
00:39:08: Margarita With A Straw
00:41:41: Phoring
00:45:17: Chippa
00:47:42: Trapped
00:49:04: Omkara And Maqbool
00:50:51: Reason (Part 1 / Part 2)
00:52:12: Udaan
00:54:58: The Tiger Hunter

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Episode 456 – Tribeca Film Festival 2020 (Part 2)


In this episode we bring you part 2 of our coverage of this years Tribeca Virtual Film Festival.  This week we discuss:

00:04:51: The Half Of It
00:10:36: The State Of Texas Vs. Melissa
00:14:58: TFF Shorts Program
00:15:40: Awkard Family Photos
00:17:18: Carmentis
00:20:49: Jack And Jo Don’t Want To Die
00:25:03: The Overnight

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Episode 454 – Tribeca Film Festival 2020

Alas, Covid-19 wreaked havoc with our plans to cover Tribeca Film Festival 2020 this spring.  Fortunately the good folks at TFF have put some great content online at and provided an early look at TFF content for reviewing press.   Join us this week as we discuss:

00:03:54: Curfew
00:04:11: Before I Disappear
00:15:11: Asia
00:20:48: 499
00:25:17: Banksy Most Wanted
00:30:49: Ottolenghi And The Cakes Of Versailles
00:35:18: Call Your Mother
00:38:42: Lemon / Mildred And The Dying Parlor / Master Maggie

00:41:07: Blood And Glory / Grey Zone / Look At Me

We will be back shortly with some more streaming picks soon!

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Episode 453 – What We’re Watching Under Lockdown #stayhome

We hold another socially distant Podcasting session and talk about what we’ve been watching under quarantine.  We also talk briefly about Tribeca 2020 and SXSW 2020 – more to come on this in a future Podcast.  All recommendations are bookmarked to the source and timestamped in the Podcast see below.

Bookmarks and Timestamps:

00:04:54: Streaming Picks

00:06:13: Circus Of Books

00:09:17: Maniac

00:10:17: The Platform

00:13:37:  Farmageddon

00:14:49: The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

00:17:23: The Death Of Stalin

00:19:08: The Matrix Trilogy

00:20:03: The Florida Project

00:21:44: The Lighthouse

00:22:02: Unorthodox

00:23:30: One Of Us

00:24:04: Blade Runner

00:24:45: Inception

00:26:11: Hotel Artemis

00:27:29: James Bond!

00:30:02: Tribeca Film Festival

00:30:58: Tribeca:  A Short Film a Day Keep Anxiety Away

00:32:32: Tribeca Short: Big City

00:38:43: Pot Luck:  The Altered State Of Colorado

00:44:14: SXSW (Special thanks to Moviewallas listener Alex for the link!)

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